"I'm very playful and LOVE stuffing my face with tasty food and showing off my growing curves! Come on into the member's area and see more of my sexy chub!"

Birthday: May 18, 1990

Location: St. Louis, MO

Weight & Measurements: MEMBERS ONLY!

Favorite Foods: Sushi, Cheesecake, Pizza, Steak and Donuts!

Favorite Musicians: The Struts, Miike Snow, Queen, Chromeo, Mystery Skulls

Hobbies: Reading, Gaming, Napping, Eating Free Samples at Costco

Turn-Ons: Humor, Dad-Bods, Confidence, a Nice Smile

Turn-Offs: Bad Hygiene, Narrow-Mindedness, Selfishness

Sexual Status & Orientation: Single and Bisexual!

Between the Sheets... "I love being on top! Nothing is hotter to me than letting myself go wild while riding a man (or woman!) with my jiggly body bouncing! I also enjoy having my huge, natural tits played with, and all kinds of ass play!" ;)